Although Steve and Maria have been booking travel around Australia (and New Zealand) for over thirteen years through 'Cairns Unlimited', 'New Zealand All Over' and the Spanish language 'Visitar Australia', our business catered predominantly to inbound tourists from overseas, and only a small number of our clients were Australian. Now as we adapt to offer that same level of personalized service to an exclusively Australian clientele, it would be terrific if you would take a few minutes ot answer the fifteen questions below.

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1. Before we all found ourselves in this current situation, were you planning (or dreaming of) an overseas holiday?   yes   no

     If so, where to?  

2. Is that somewhere you have been before? yes   no

3. If you had to narrow down to one thing, what is it that most attracted you to that destination?

    This could be one word, or one phrase, or one sentence.  

4. Have you also been planning (or dreaming of) a holiday to any part of Australia?   yes   no

     If so, where to?     other?  

5. Is this somewhere you have been before? yes   no

6. What most attracts you to this destination?     other?  

7. How many days would your holiday to this Australian destination be?  

8. How would you reach this destination from where you live now?  

9. *optional - How do you anticipate that your income over the 2020-2021 financial year will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant shutdowns?

    Unaffected   Reduced slightly   Reduced significantly

10. Is this holiday something that you could reasonably expect to undertake within the first six months after the wider travel restrictions are lifted?

    yes   no

11. What style of accommodation do you envisage for this holiday?  

12. What activities are you interested to do on this holiday?   

13. Are there any commercial tourist attractions that you would like to visit?

      For example zoos, theme parks ...  

14. How many people would be in your travel party?

15. What would your approximate total holiday budget for accommodation, tours and activities, entry to tourist attractions, rental car or campervan if applicable

     *not including flights and not including food, fuel and other incidentals.