1. PERSONAL SERVICE - Since launching our travel website Cairns Unlimited' in 2007, we have built a reputation for personal service and for designing a bespoke itinerary for each client, according to their requests. We don't just peddle you to the same package that we've pushed onto everyone else, because... you're not everyone else!

2. IT DOESN'T COST YOU ANY EXTRA - If we book a $200 hotel room for you, the cost to you is $200. A $200 car rental? $200. A $200 scuba diving cruise? Yep… $200. We don't charge you for the service we provide. We search for the best deals, do all the legwork for you, make your bookings and send you the travel vouchers... but we are paid by the hotel, rental car company, tour operator... that is, our payment is deducted from the price you pay, not added to it!

3. 100% AUSSIE OWNED - YOUR MONEY STAYS IN AUSTRALIA... Own Backyard Travel is an Australian business. We pay GST and income tax here in Australia. Our profits are spent in the local community.

But more than that; as part of our commitment to our 'own backyard', we prioritize other Australian-owned businesses, and recommend them over foreign owned companies whenever possible. For example, in addition to working with some multinational car rental chains, we also enjoy working with a number of reputable family-owned local rental car companies in various locations around the country. We compare all the deals for you, and recommend the offer that best suits you. Where applicable, we will give you the choice between booking with a multinational chain and a local operator even if the local Australian-owned option may sometimes be slightly more expensive.

4. $150 VOUCHER FOR JUST $100 - That's right, for a limited time only you can pay $100 and receive $150 voucher towards your holiday. That is, you pay $100 now and we can start planning your travels together... then when travel restrictions are lifted, you will have $150 credit to apply to your holiday bookings anywhere in Australia... valid for twelve months. This credit can be applied to bookings from a wide range of accommodation, loads of different tours and activities, entry to many tourist attractions, and rental cars or campervans *conditions and some exceptions apply...  

Total payable now just $100. Voucher for $150 will be emailed within 24hours of payment. Minimum total booking value $1000. And we pay the credit card fees for you on the entire booking... Visa, Mastercard and American Express.